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Pangolins are Villain Henchmen

Pangolins are weird scaley anteaters - who are also evil!

This week on animal crime watch: we discover that pangolins everywhere are evil minions to the worlds top villains and we need to be on the look out for them and their terrible deeds.
Pangolins are small scaley creatures who live in Africa. They are sometimes called “Spiny Anteaters” which is funny because they are completely spineless and love nothing better than sucking up to some kind of super villain like Gru (from Despicable Me) or Dracula (from Britain’s Got Talent) maybe.
Be on guard – they may look cute – but they are NOT TO BE TRUSTED and are a THREAT TO THE WORLD!
If you have any information please contact the Pangolin Police!
Stay safe out there!


Watch this pangolin ninja scale a tree like a pro!

Pangolin hypnotically scaling a tree like an ant-eating wizard