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Can You Guess the Type of Pasta from the Shape?

Prove your powers of pasta perception with this tortellini-awesome food quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

There are LOTS of different kinds of pasta. Do you know all of them? No?

Some of them? Maybe!

Well grab a penne and paper and take this epic types of pasta quiz! 


What type of pasta is this?


What's the proper name for this pasta shape?


Can you guess which one this is? Hint - it's the one that's a bit like a shell!


What pasta dish do you think this is?


Is this ravioli or spaghetti?


And what's this spirally-thing called when it's at home?


Name that twisty thing!


What's the name of this dish made from big thick layers of pasta?


This pasta shape is named after a part of the body. What is it?


What's this?

@rachaelrayshow | giphy

Both cannelloni and rigatoni are pasta tubes. But which one's bigger?


Linguini is basically spaghetti but a bit flatter. True or false?


What are these?


BONUS PASTA HISTORY QUESTION!It's likely that pasta came from noodles - and was first invented in China thousands of years before your favourite tomato-ey spagbol. There are loads of different types of both pasta and noodles - and each can be made from lots of different ingredients.So, are there ACTUALLY any real differences between pasta and noodles?

Nailed it! High score! Wait...that's a ravioli! AAAARGH!

Nice score! This quiz was fiendish!

Could be worse! You could be a couple of tortellinis with eyes!

Oh dear. Have you no respect for pasta shapes?Disgraceful.