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Percy Jackson And The Sea Of Monsters Quiz!

Do you belong in Camp Halfblood? Or could you find the Golden Fleece? Find out here!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 6th 2023

Fun fact: Disney+ are doing a brand new Percy Jackson series soon! We're huge fans of the books so we couldn't be more excited! But the movies that came out a while back are also pretty fun! Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters was the second film starring Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson, and it's great fun for fans of Greek mythology! See how well you can remember the movie with this fun, monster-filled quiz!

We have more Percy Jackson fun, too - find out which god is your parent, or which character you're most like!

1/10 A statue of a Greek god

Who is Percy's dad?

2/10 A statue holding a golden sheep

What are Percy and the gang on a quest to find?

3/10 A woman hugging a tree

What happened to Thalia Grace?

4/10 A cyclops

What magical species is Tyson?

5/10 An inflatable boat on sandy beach

What kind of vehicle is the Chariot of Damnation?

6/10 Creatures and a human swimming underwater

Which spooky part of the world is the Sea of Monsters in?

7/10 A big yacht in a harbour

What's the name of Luke's yacht?

8/10 The shadow of a scary hand looms over a man in a suit

What is Charybdis?

9/10 A map and a compass

Which US state is Circeland near?

10/10 A three-headed dog and an eagle

Which creature nearly harms Annabeth?

Result: Oh no

Oh no! Looks like you're not so up to date on your PJ trivia! Maybe rewatch the movie and give it another go?

Result: Not bad

Not bad! You remember a thing or two. Maybe rewatch the movie and give it another go?

Result: Good job

Hey, you're pretty good at this! Maybe rewatch the movie and see if you can get your score perfect!

Result: Godly

Wow! You're the GOD of Percy Jackson trivia! Are you actually Rick Riordan?