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Personality Quiz: Are You More FIFA or Fortnite?

Which camp do you fall into? A quick game of footie or all-out action? Find out by taking this blam quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Let's go!

1/10 Two methods of traveling to school
Epic Games

How do you get to school?

2/10 A teacher leading a maths lesson

What's your favourite subject?

3/10 A person holding a trophy

Do you work best in a team or by yourself?

4/10 A person playing video games in their room
Saturday Night Live

How much time you spend playing video games per day?

5/10 A sore knee

You hurt yourself in PE. What do you do?


6/10 What do you drink at lunchtime?

7/10 Two llamas

What's your favourite animal?

8/10 A tomato

You see a tomato. What do you immediately think of?

9/10 Alfonso 'Cartlon Banks' Ribeiro doing the Fresh Dance

How do you celebrate a win?


What do you wear when you're not at school?

FIFA 19 | EA Games

You are more: FIFA!

Forget all those Loot Llamas, the only thing you care about is scoring goals... and lots of them!

Fortnite's llama
Fornite | Epic Games

You are more: FORTNITE!

Pfft! FIFA? Who cares about kicking balls? When it comes to proper gaming, it's all about Fortnite... right?