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Personality Quiz: Build Your Pencil Case And We’ll Tell You What Kind Of Person You Are!

It's simple. Pick the items you'd put in your pencil case and we'll guess what your interests are. Easy!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 12th 2018

Are you ready? Let's go!

1/10 A pencil case

Pick your pencil case

2/10 Pencil

How many pencils do you need?

3/10 Pencil sharpener

You'll need a pencil sharpener. What does it look like?

4/10 An eraser

What type of eraser will you choose?

5/10 Coloured pens

How many felt tips do you need?

6/10 Highlighters

Will you need highlighter pens?

7/10 Ruler

How will you draw a straight line?

8/10 Geometry

How about a geometry set?

9/10 A glue stick

Do you need to add a glue stick?

10/10 A variety of pencil case items

What else would you put in there?


You are: a footie fan!

You like your lessons, but would rather be on the field kicking a ball around. Don't argue! It's science.


You are: a budding scientist

It's a good job you have a well-stocked pencil case, what with all that extra science homework you ask for!


You are: an artist

It was all those extra coloured pens and pencils that gave the game away!

A rock star

You are: a future rock star!

You like going to school, but you love learning to play guitar the most!