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Personality Quiz: Build Your Dream School and We’ll Tell You What Kind of School Pupil Are You

Where would you sit? What would you write with? Would you even have a teacher? Tell us your dream school and we'll tell you your personality!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Where would you sit?


What would you use to write?


What would your tables be made of?


Where would you keep your coats?


Where would teacher’s desk be?


What would the class pet be?


What stationary would you use?


How big would the classroom be?


What would the floor be made from?


What kind of cool technology would you have in your class?


Where would keep the spare paper and pens?


And finally, what fantasy feature would you like to add?

You're well-behaved

Talk about being teacher's pet!But let's be honest, every class needs a person like you.Keep on doing what you're doing!

You're a rebel

Who cares what class is like?You've got better things to do, like skate and make trouble.Just make sure to do your homework though, otherwise you'll be in detention for a long time!

You're a technology nut!

If your class hasn't got the latest equipment, you're not interested.But don't worry if teacher is still behind the times - you're the top dog when it comes to keeping up to date with the latest gadgets.

You're sporty

Forget the classroom, you need somewhere to run around.If only they had lessons out outside - oh wait, they do.It's called PE!