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Personality Quiz: Could You Dress as an Avenger for £10?

Do you have the creative skill to make an Avengers costume for the price of a DVD?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

This is going to be very interesting!

1/10 A person holding out many shopping bags

What kind of shop will you look for your items?

2/10 A pile of clothes

What sort of clothes did you have in mind?

3/10 11 pound coins, which is slightly too much for this challenge

How much will you spend on the accessories?

4/10 A dog with a pair of trainers in its mouth

What will you wear on your feet?

5/10 A piggy bank and calculator

How much have you spent so far?

6/10 Lots of tins of paint

Will you need paint to get the look right?

7/10 A person at a DIY shop

Where will you buy your main costume part?

8/10 An every day superhero

Do you need any help assembling your costume?


How long do you think your costume would last?


How much have you spent altogether?


You'll dress like: THOR!

With an eye for a bargain and clever use of DIY tools, your outfit rivals Thor's actual costume. Nice work!

Captain America

You'll dress like: CAPTAIN AMERICA!

With a bin lid, swimming cap and sparing use of paint, you've made Captain America's outfit for just under a tenner!

Hulk wearing a cardigan and glasses

You'll dress like: HULK!

You came in under budget with this tribute to Hulk's sense of style. After borrowing a cardigan and buying some cheap glasses, all you needed was a tub of green paint. Hope it comes off!

Captain Marvel

You'll dress like: CAPTAIN MARVEL!

The most stylish outfit of them all! Are you sure you spent £10 on this? It's looks really fancy!