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Personality Quiz: Could You Help England Win the Women's World Cup?

Use your football skills to help England lift the Women's World Cup!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  November 1st 2021

Can you lead the Lionesses to victory?

1/10 A football player in training

What would be the main things you'd focus on in training?

2/10 A footballer drinking a cup of tea

What sort of drinks would you offer to thirsty players?

3/10 A player taking a free kick

Would you pay special attention to free kicks?

4/10 A manager drawing up tactics on a chalkboard

What sort of manager would you be?

5/10 A selection of fruit and vegetables

Would you encourage your players to eat lots of fruit and vegetables?

6/10 A woman sitting on a sand dune with a colourful pinwheel toy

Your team are feeling nervous before the first big game. How do you get them to relax?

7/10 A cooked breakfast

What would you serve for breakfast before a game?

8/10 A football formation

What formation would you choose?

9/10 A football manager wearing a tracksuit

What would you wear during your World Cup matches?

10/10 A football manager celebrating a goal

Your team scores a goal in the first minute! How do you react?



You're the best manager ever! Congratulations!

World Cup finalist


Oh, you just missed out on winning the World Cup, but being a finalist is something to be proud of!

Semi finalist


Although you just missed out on winning a finalist's medal, you did pretty well!Β 

Oh dear!


It looks like you got lost on the way to the tournament and were disqualfied!