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Personality Quiz: From Thanos to the Joker – Which Supervillain Are You?

Everyone's a bit bad! How bad are you?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Being bad is good fun!

Everyone says they want to be Batman, or Wonder Woman, or Spider-Man. But secretly we all sometimes want to be a bit evil... Take this quiz and find out which supervillain from comics and films you'd be!

Which supervillain are you?

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Superman can fly, Spider-Man can swing, Batman is super rich! But which of these is the coolest power?


2/12 Obviously you have to have a lair, all great villains have lairs! But what does yours look like?

Marvel Entertainment | YouTube

From a villain's point of you, the HEROES are the bad guys! So who is your least favourite superhero?


4/12 Lie, cheat and steal! That's the villains code. If you had to steal something, what would it be?


5/12 What is your favourite colour?


6/12 What is your biggest weakness?


What is your favourite animal?


8/12 If you weren't a supervillain, what would you be?


Phew! It's hard being bad all the time. Where would you go on holiday?


10/12 Supervillains have the coolest outfits. How would you describe your fashion sense?


11/12 Just like superheroes, all supervillains have an origin story! So what made you turn bad? 

Studio Ghibli, Inc | YouTube

Finally, what is your favourite food? Even supervillains deserve to treat themselves every now and then!

You're Gorilla Grodd

You are Gorilla Grodd!

You're Gorilla Grodd, the enemy of The Flash! With your super intelligence and telepathic powers, you're a danger to anyone, especially the people who underestimate you because of how you look! You're the ruler of your own city and a powerhouse to boot. GO GET 'EM, GRODD!

You are the Joker

You are the Joker!

You are the Joker, arch-enemy of Batman and his Bat-family! You are unpredictable and scary - but you can even get the odd laugh out of your enemies! You are THE supervillain people think of when they hear the word 'supervillain'! Even we're a little afraid of you...

You are Catwoman

You are Catwoman!

You are Catwoman, the Batman's greatest frenemy! Sometimes you're a crafty jewel thief who matches wits with the world's greatest detective, other times you'll join him in his fight against crime. No matter the situation you're a clever, crafty so-and-so, and you're always looking out for number one (you)!

You are Ultron

You are Ultron!

You are Ultron, the mechanical madman and enemy of the Avengers! You're the man with a plan - err, well, robot with a plan, and you'll do anything it takes to see it through. You're calm and methodical even when things get a bit hectic, and when all is said and done you're one of the baddest enemies the Avengers have ever faced.

You are Thanos

You are Thanos!

You are Thanos, the Mad Titan! You aren't afraid of anything, and you're so sure that you're the strongest in the universe that nobody dares to challenge you. Once you've set your mind on something, it's almost impossible to stop you from achieving it. ALL HAIL THANOS!

You are Dark Phoenix

You are Dark Phoenix!

You are Dark Phoenix, the fallen hero! You try to do everything for the good of your friends, but sometimes your badness gets the better of you. You're one of the most powerful and feared people in the world - but only when you're bad. At all other times, everyone loves you!