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Personality Quiz: How Cool Is Your Teacher?

Is your teacher as cool as ice or totally boring? Take the quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  July 1st 2021

This could be interesting...

1/10 A person on a motorbike

How does your teacher get to school?

2/10 A pair of beige Crocs

What sort of shoes do they wear?

3/10 A bearded elderly teacher listening to music on an old portable stereo

What music do they like?

4/10 A person with a football at their feet on a big school field

Do they ever join in during football practice?

5/10 An old man dancing at a disco

How do they dance at a school disco?

6/10 A teacher dabbing in the classroom

Have they ever dabbed during a lesson?

7/10 Hand with a comb cutting hair of woman

How would you describe their hairstyle?

8/10 A teacher holding a mug

Do they have a funny mug?

9/10 A person holding FIFA 19
EA Sports

Have they ever mentioned video games?

10/10 A crumpled up plastic bag

What sort of bag do they bring to school?

Very cool written on a chalkboard

Your teacher is: VERY COOL!

It's like some sort of mistake! Did they become a teacher by accident or something?Β 

Quite cool written on a chalkboard

Your teacher is: QUITE COOL!

They listen to good music and always have good advice on how to score from a corner in FIFA!

Um... written on a chalkboard

Your teacher is: UM...

Even though they're generally boring and always telling you to do some work, they'll sometimes mention Apex Legends or something like that!

Not cool at all written on a chalkboard

Your teacher is: NOT COOL AT ALL

Whatever way you look at it, your teacher could never be cool – even in a million years. Sorry!