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Personality Quiz: How Granny Are You?

Are you too cool for school or a total gran when it comes to doing stuff? Find out by taking this amazing, scientifically-proven quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Take the quiz!

1/10 A teapot pouring out a cup of tea

You're in a cafe. What will you have?

2/10 A grandad listening to music on a pair of headphones

What's your favourite kind of music?

3/10 An elderly couple having fun together with virtual reality headset

What's the best way to spend an evening?

4/10 Two old people farting during a game of lawn bowls

What sport appeals to you the most?

5/10 A cinema audience enjoys a sci-fi film about a cat

Let's go to the cinema. What kind of film would you like to see?

6/10 A game of football in the park

What's the ideal way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

7/10 80s gif showing people talking on phone

How do you contact your mates?

8/10 A pair of granny slippers

What are you wearing on your feet?

9/10 A lady rummaging through a messy bag

Pull something out of your bag at random. What is it?

10/10 A baseball player blowing a rubbish bubble
gifbay | Giphy

What sweets do you usually buy?

A teenager holding a mobile phone and being not-at-all granny

You are: 0% GRANNY!

Our computer analysed the data and it confirmed you're totally not a granny. Phew!

25% Granny!

You are: 25% GRANNY

Is there some sort of mistake? You answered everything properly but it must be... it was the slippers, wasn't it?


You are: 50% GRANNY

You might like cool music and playing video games, but the cups of tea and making scones are a dead giveaway! We bet you have big slippers as well!

A granny holding up a crocheted blanket

You are: 100% GRANNY

You love cups of tea, slippers and knitting. What else could you be? You're a total granny and proud of it.