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What Should I Be When I Grow Up? Quiz!

Have you ever asked yourself: What should I be when I grow up, what job should I do? Take this fun personality quiz and our job robot will tell you!

Let’s do this!

1/10 What should I be when I grow up quiz - school

Are you always on time for school?

2/10 Back to the Future

How do you get to school?

3/10 Hogwarts

What's your favourite lesson?

4/10 Doug

Do you like doing homework?

5/10 The Goldbergs

Do you enjoy doing sports?

6/10 Astronauts

Have you ever been to space?

7/10 The Great British Bake Off

Do you take your cookery classes really seriously?

8/10 The Simpsons
21st Century Fox

Do you belong to any after school clubs?

9/10 A muppet running around

Do you like running around?

10/10 School holiday

Do you miss school during the summer?

A small vet

You should be: a doctor

You seem to love science and think of all the gadgets you can use to help people get better. Or, if you love animals, be a vet! It's more or less the same thing, isn't it?

Fire fighters

You should be: a fire fighter!

You're clearly some sort of hero, so why not show fire who's boss? 

Luke Skywalker

You should be: a Jedi!

Why pick a regular job when the Rebel Alliance could do with someone like you on their team! Use the force! But not in class…

You should be: a baker!

Look everyone loves cake, so use your skills to become the world's greatest baker. And, oh, save us a slice!

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