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Personality Quiz: What Percentage Slytherin Are You?

Are you the sort of person the Sorting Hat would send straight into Slytherin House? Take the quiz and find out!

Good luck!

1/10 Friends

Who's your best mate at Hogwarts?

2/10 A glass bottle holding a mysterious pink liquid

What's your favourite subject?

3/10 Sybil Trelawney

Which professor do you like the most?

4/10 An otter and stag

What is your Patronus?


5/10 Which House would you expect to belong to?

6/10 A doctor

What Muggle job would you do?

7/10 A woman with brightly coloured hair

How would your friends describe you?

8/10 A colour chart

What's your favourite colour?

9/10 A load of hair

How do you style your hair?

10/10 A rock version of Harry Potter
331Erock | YouTube

What sort of music do you like to listen to?

0% Slytherin

You are: 0% Slytherin!

Not even close! You're just too nice!

10% Slytherin

You are: 10% Slytherin!

Even though you're kind and funny, there's something about you that would suit a Slytherin student! Hmm…

95% Slytherin

You are: 95% Slytherin!

There's absolutely no doubt that you belong to Slytherin! Must be the hair and the permanent sneer!

100% Slytherin

You are: 100% Slytherin!

Is it us or did it get really cold all of a sudden?

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