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Personality Quiz: What Type of Great British Bake Off Baker Are You?

Discover your baking level of skill by taking this delicious quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Let's find out!

1/10 A woman baking a cake in a dinosaur apron

What design is on your apron?

2/10 Two people baking in a kitchen

How organised are you?

3/10 A cook book and lots of kitchen utensils

Do you tend to follow instructions easily?

4/10 A baker holding a delicious cake

How competitive are you?

5/10 A child and a flying cake

What kind of imagination do you have?

6/10 Baking under pressure

Do you work well under pressure?

7/10 Bakers chatting about making cakes

Can you talk and bake at the same time?

8/10 Cakes galore!

What's your favourite type of cake?

9/10 A burned cake coming out of the oven

How would you react if your baking went catastrophically wrong?

10/10 A woman holding a giant cupcake

What would the name of your showstopper be?

Great British Bake Off Showoff!

You are: THE SHOW OFF!

You take pride in knowing what you're doing and only perfection will do!

Great British Bake Off Champ!


You love a competition and when it comes to cakes, you're a gold medalist!

Great British Bake Off Nervous Baker!


While you can whip up a tasty cake or two, you're not keen on the TV cameras and worry that Noel Fielding will joke about your icing skills!

Great British Bake Off – disqualified!


You're dangerous in the kitchen and find making a slice of toast an epic challenge!