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Which Men in Black Alien Are You?

Are you like Boris the Animal or Edgar the Bug? What about Pawny or Frank the Pug? Find out now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Do not use the memory eraser before taking the quiz!

1/10 A pair of clown shoes

How would you describe your sense of humour?ย 

2/10 Ken in Toy Story
disneypixar | Giphy

Are you a stylish person?

3/10 A packed lunch with a scared looking apple

What's the best thing to put in a packed lunch?

4/10 An Atlanta Hawks player getting soaked in slime
Atlanta Hawks | Giphy

What are you like around slime?

5/10 A close-up of a cat's nose

What's your favourite smell?

6/10 A dog floating on a sandwich in space
Nebraska Humane Society | Giphy

What's the best planet?

7/10 A music gadget

Pick a gadget.

8/10 A bucket of popcorn

What's your cinema snack of choice?

9/10 An Ewok
Return of the Jedi | Producer: Howard Kazanjian | Director: Richard Marquand | Lucasfilm

Who's your favourite Star Wars character?

10/10 A jumping spider

There's a spider in the garden. How do you react?

Frank the Pug
Men In Black | Columbia Pictures

You are: Frank the Pug!

You like to mess around and have a joke for every occasion!

Boris the Animal
Men In Black 3 | Columbia Pictures

You are: Boris the Animal!

Ooh, you're a bit of a baddie and grumpy, too!

Edgar the Bug
Men In Black | Columbia Pictures

You are: Edgar the Bug!

You can leap, crawl and can make your own slime!

Men In Black: International | Columbia Pictures, Amblin Entertainment, Parkes + Macdonald, Image Nation, Tencent Pictures

You are: Pawny!

You're very small, fun to be around and have an awesome hat!ย