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The Ultimate Phil Foden Quiz!

Are you an expert when it comes to this Manchester City and England star? Take the quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 20th 2022

Phil Foden has quickly become known as a Manchester City legend and feared by all opposing teams. He's also an important part of the England squad. But what we want to know is, how much do you really know about this midfielder? Are you a super-fan or more of an armchair supporter? Why not take this quiz and find out once and for all!

1/10 A footballer about to kick the ball

Phil was born in 2000. Which team won the Premier League that year?

2/10 A baby holding a football in a big stadium

Which team did he support as a child?

3/10 Phil Foden

In which year did he begin playing for Manchester City's first team?

4/10 A footballer with Foden's name on the back of their shirt prepares to take a penalty

He made his international debut for England in 2020 – but against which team?

5/10 Phil Foden in front of a stack of Beanos

If a Beano is 1cm in height, how tall is Phil Foden in comics?

6/10 A football boot resting on a smiling football

Is he right or left-footed?

7/10 A trophy being held aloft in front of a dark background

In which year did Phil Foden win BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year?

8/10 Phil Foden in his Manchester City shirt

What number is on Phil Foden's Manchester City shirt?

9/10 A delicious lunch

What is Phil Foden's usual pre-match meal?

10/10 A French bulldog puppy

What is the name of his French bulldog?

Result: Oh no

Oh no! Are you more of a Manchester United fan or just too busy thinking about how many matches City will win this season? Fair enough. Why not have another go?

Result: Not bad

Not bad! There were some tricky questions in there, we'll admit it. But only true Phil Foden fans will get 10/10 on this quiz. Think you're ready to have another go? Good luck!

Result: Great

Great! You're clearly a fan of Phil Foden and know quite a bit about this Manchester City star. Not the score you wanted? Have another go and see if you can get full marks!

Result: Legend

Legend! You're a true Phil Foden fan or you're the man himself! Either way, it's a perfect score and worthy of a medal of some sort!