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The Ultimate Man City Quiz

How well do you know the mighty Man City?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 13th 2021
1/14 Manchester City's mascot on a bench
Manchester City | Facebook

What is the name of the team's mascot pictured on a bench?

2/14 A football stadium

Manchester City's old ground was nicknamed 'The Wembley of the North'. What was it really called?

3/14 A football manager in FIFA
FIFA 19 | EA Sports

Their current manager featured in a FIFA game. What's his name?

4/14 A football tackle

What position did the team finish in the 20-21 season?

5/14 Manchester City badge
Manchester City

What's missing from the team's badge?

@mancity | Instagram

What country is super-saver Ederson from?

@mancity | Instagram

Who's this renewing her contract for Man City WFC?

@mancity | Instagram

Who did Mahrez win the league with before he joined Man City?


Which Man City scorer shares a name with the British currency?

@raheemsterling | Instagram

Here he is! How many goals did he score in all competitions in the 2018/19 Season

@mancity | Instagram

Who's pineappled out?


And who's this dude at the front?


Who scored the most goals for Man City in the 2018/19 Premier league


And what naughty man got the most red cards for Man City that season? 

Terrible result. Are you Man Utd in disguise?

It's a draw. Hardly the result Man City would want but not too bad.

What a goal!! Sensational stuff. You're a Man City winner!