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Pick Your Favourite Beanotown Animals and We’ll Tell You What Beanotown Job You Should Have!

Could you be a dog-catcher? A zoologist? A lion-tamer? Or maybe you've got enough animals in your life already?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

1/7 Pick your favourite bird:


2/7 Pick your favourite dog:


3/7 Choose your favourite bunny rabbit:


4/7 Now choose the cat you like most:


5/7 And which butterfly do you like best?


6/7 Which duck floats your boat?


7/7 And which horse wins your race?

Sergeant Slipper catching stray dogs

You should be a a dog-catcher!

You don't really like animals at all! Get to work - Sergeant Slipper needs help catching strays! Just make sure Gnasher doesn't find out what you're up to!

Grizzly Griller in the wild

You should be a survivalist!

You love animals - learning about them, understanding them, and... er, getting all messy to live among them?!

Mrs Creecher

You should be a teacher!

You don't have time for wrangling animals when your classroom is already as wild as a zoo!

You should be a TV presenter!

You love finding weird and wacky stories, and filming crazy animal adventures!