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Which Pitch Perfect Character Are You Most Like?

Are you a Bella or a Treblemaker? It’s time to find out once and for all!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 18th 2023

Singing on a stage without instruments is some people’s nightmares, but the Bellas do it with style each and every time! So let’s get stuck into this quiz, hit those high notes (scores) and let’s find out which of the characters from the films you’ve got most in common with! What are you waiting for? These vocal chords won’t warm themselves up!

1/10 A woman holds a sore throat

You’ve got a sore throat the night before a show, what do you do?

2/10 two cherries with faces look at each other

What is your favourite fruit?

3/10 A dog looks over a fence

Your favourite singer is coming to town but you haven’t got a ticket, what do you do?

4/10 A panda lies on a pile of vinyl records

The Bellas are releasing an album, what should it be called?

5/10 A human with the head of a pig looks at an acoustic guitar, laughing

It has been decided that the next performance needs one instrument, what should it be?

6/10 A mole wearing glasses emerges from the ground

Barden University needs a new mascot animal, what should it be?

7/10 A cat is shocked by an alarm clock

You’re late for singing practice, what do you do?

8/10 A woman eats a sandwich but is also shocked by the time

There is a riff-off going down this evening, but you’ve promised to meet your family for dinner, what do you do?

9/10 A scared dog hides under a table

The Tonehangers have snuck into the party, where do you hide from them?

10/10 A cup with a face looks cool

You need to make an instrument from something in the house, what do you use?

Pitch Perfect 2 | Universal Pictures | Paul Brooks | Jason Moore

You're Amy!

You’re most like Amy, quite simply, the best character in the whole series of films. She’s got an amazing voice and the best personality to match. She always looks out for her friends, even if she might sometimes get them into some trouble. She’s always there with a joke or a hug and a bit like you she’s always there to lend a hand to friends in need.

Pitch Perfect 2 | Universal Pictures | Paul Brooks | Jason Moore

You're Beca!

ou’re most like Beca, she used to be the rebel of the Bellas and tried to hide her incredible ability to sing - but word soon got out and she became one of the leading lights in the singing scene! A bit like Beca you know which rules to follow and which ones are just stupid and you’re not afraid to follow your dreams! Epic!

Pitch Perfect 2 | Universal Pictures | Paul Brooks | Jason Moore

You're Kommissar!

You’ve got most in common with Kommissar, the leader of Das Sound Machine! Look, she might be put across as a bit of a villain in Pitch Perfect 2, but she’s a powerful performer in her own right! Sure she’s a bit arrogant, but she’s there at the top of her game because she’s got the talent! She’s good at what she does and deserves respect - that’s probably why you’ve got her as your result, you know the value of hard work and skill - good for you!

Pitch Perfect 2 | Universal Pictures | Paul Brooks | Jason Moore

You're Jesse!

Awesome, you’ve got most in common with Jesse! He wasn’t always the leader of the Treblemakers, but he is now, and everyone is happier for it. Jesse has a great heart and always tries to see the best in people, even when things go wrong! He is one of the most trustworthy characters in the films, which is probably why you’ve gotten this result!