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Plastic Sucks - Can You Save The Planet?

Dougie Poynter's written an awesome book about how bad plastic is - do you think you can help him save the world?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 23rd 2022

How much do you know about saving the planet? Take the quiz, and then see how Dougie Poynter got on in this awesome video.


Parties are fun but some things can be bad for the environment. Which of these is the worst offender?


 Keeping teeth clean is important, but on average how often do people change their toothbrush?


What % of plastic bottles don't get recycled?


How long does it take a plastic bag to decompose?


Which of the following countries has banned plastic knives and forks?


We love Christmas but which of these seasonal things is bad for the environment?


There's loads of ways to help, but which of the following ISN'T a recommended method?

Awesome! You know just what to do when it comes to deal with all that horrible plastic. The world is safe in your hands!Now find out how Dougie Poynter himself got on.

Amazing! Just by taking this quiz you've proved you care about the environment! Keep doing what you're doing!Now find out how Dougie Poynter himself got on.

Fantastic! You're enthusiastic when it comes to making people aware of the plastic problem! Don't ever stop being you!Now find out how Dougie Poynter himself got on.

Brilliant! If only everyone was as green thinking as you! Maybe one day, they will be!Now find out how Dougie Poynter himself got on.