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Play The Ultimate Takefusa Kubo Quiz!

How much do YOU know about the terrifically talented Takefusa Kubo? Takefusa the quiz and put your skills to the test!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 4th 2022

What year was Takefusa Kubo born?

2/20 A football in the back of a goal net

What team does Takefusa Kubo currently play for?

3/20 Football formations

What position does Takefusa play?


Takefusa Kubo also plays for the Japan National Team. True or false?


How tall is Takefusa Kubo?


Where was Takefusa born?


What was the first team Takefusa played for when he was just 7 years old?


What team is Takefusa currently on loan to until the end of 2021?


Takefusa Kubo is sometimes known as 'The Japanese...'?


Takefusa Kubo became the Youngest Player & Youngest Goalscorer in J-League History. True or false?


How old was Takefusa when he was selected for the under 20’s Japan Squad for the World Cup in 2017?


What star sign is Takefusa?


What team's youth academy was Takefusa invited to join at the age of 10?


What number shirt does Takefusa wear?


Does Takefusa have any tattoos?

16/20 Boy against height chart with arrow

Which of the following is NOT the name of a team that Takefusa played for as a youth?


As of July 2021, how many appearances has Takefusa made so far since playing professionally in 2017?


How many times has Takefusa been named MVP (most valuable player)?


In his spare time, Takefusa Kubo hunts werewolves. True or false?


As of July 2021, how many goals has Takefusa scored so far since playing professionally?

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