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Which Pokémon Are You? Quiz

Which Pokémon Are You? Are you more Pikachu or Scorbunny? Find out with our Pokémon personality test!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 7th 2022

Let's find out!

1/20 A woman munching vegetables

Favourite vegetable?

2/20 A rainbow cake

What's your favourite type of cake?

3/20 Two pals and a llama

What's your base friendship score?

4/20 Pikachu

How tall are you?

5/20 Ash Ketchum
Nintendo | Creatures | Game Freak

What's your favourite Pokédex colour?

6/20 A scene from the Pokemon movie
Pokémon Detective Pikachu | Director: Rob Letterman | Legendary Pictures, The Pokémon Company

Pick something to watch!

7/20 A game of Pokemon Go

Where do you live?

8/20 A football team huddle

Are you a team player?

9/20 A fluffy puppy

What do you look like?

10/20 A selection of Japanese food

Pick a Japanese food!

11/20 A woman flexing her muscles

How strong are you? 

12/20 A man eating spaghetti bolognese

What's your favourite dinner? 

13/20 A tiger

What sort of animal would you like to be? 

14/20 A woman listens to music on big headphones while a cat sings along

What music would you insist on at your birthday party? 

15/20 A student taking an exam

What lesson do you HATE at school? 

16/20 A green superhero

What superpower would you like? 

17/20 A person thinking and making notes

Would you rather...


Pick a TV show!

19/20 A man with a bunch of balloons with a kitten about to ruin the lot

What's your favourite party game? 

20/20 A gamer grandad

What's your best console game? 


You're everybody's favourite friend


You're the funny one out of all your friends! 


You're the fastest in the playground!


You can be quite shy, but those who know you, love you!