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Pokemon Real Or Fake Quiz!

Can you spot the fake Pokemon in this Pokemon line-up.

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 31st 2022

Real or Fake, the decision is yours! Only time will tell if you are a true epic level Pokemon trainer or a Pokemon fraud who just pretends to like Pokemon. See if you can spot the fake Pokemon we’ve hidden in this collection of real Pokemon!


Is Sandshrew (with brick patterned armour) real or fake?

2/10 Shy turtle

Is Squirtle (a blue turtle) real or fake?


Is Togepi (A spiky thing emerging from half a ball) real or fake?


Is Crumblog (A Pokemon who looks like a mossy log) real or fake?

5/10 A pineapple in a wood

Is Pinapplosaur (A Pokemon who is half pineapple/half dinosaur) real or fake?


Is Sweep (A Pokemon that looks like a broom) real or fake?


Is Rowlet (a Pokemon that looks like a posh owl) real or fake?

8/10 An owl

Is Hootlox (A Pokemon that looks like a metal owl) real or false?


Is Onix ( A worm made out of rocks) real or fake


Is Squidnana (An octopus with banana skin tentacles) real or fake?

Pokémon | The Pokemon Company

FAIL! You’re a Pokemon beginner but there’s no shame in that. Everybody has to start somewhere, so why not have another go and see if you can get to the next level!

Pokémon | The Pokemon Company

Not bad. You didn’t fall for some of our Fake Pokemon traps! Have another go to see if you can get to the next level!

Pokémon | The Pokemon Company

Excellent! You’re a Pokemon Master. Just a few more questions right and you’d be a Epic Level Pokemon Master! Have another go to ACE the Real or Fake Pokemon quiz!

Pokémon | The Pokemon Company

You got the top score. You are the world expert on spotting fake Pokemon! Check out some of our other Pokemon quizzes to further cement your position as an Epic Pokemon Master!