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The Great Big Positive Quiz!

It might be grey and cold at the moment, so turn November into Yes-vember with this positivity-powered personality quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
1/10 Wifi down

Oh no! The wifi has gone down and it's raining outside. What will you do?

2/10 Extra maths homework

Oh no! You've been extra maths homework and you don't really want to do extra maths homework! What will you do?

3/10 A football in a muddy puddle

Oh no! Sports practice has been rained off. What will you do?

4/10 A stormy evening

Oh no! A big storm has made the telly go off and you're bored. What will you do?

5/10 A sold out sign

Oh no! The local cinema has sold out and you really wanted to see that particular film. What will you do?

6/10 Sad about buying the wrong popcorn

Oh no! You've bought some snacks to watch a TV show and have bought salty popcorn by mistake. What will you do?

7/10 Custard on shirt

Oh no! You're about to have your portrait photo taken at school and you accidentally get custard all over your shirt. What will you do?

8/10 An empty concert hall

Oh no! Your favourite band has had to postpone their concert until next year. What will you do?

9/10 Pizza covered in pineapple

Oh no! You order a pizza and it arrived covered in pineapple. What will you do?

10/10 A soaked man

Oh no! You're walking to the park and a car drives through a big puddle and you get soaked. What will you do?


Positivity level: YEEEEEAH!

Your positive mental attitude can get you through the gloomiest of days


Positivity level: YAAAAAAY!

Apparently it takes more muscles to frown than smile, so it's a good excuse to be lazy. Sort of. 


Positivity level: WHOOOOP!

Who's grumpy? Not you! You don't even mind if pineapple is on your pizza – you're that cheerful!


Positivity level: SWEEEET!

Have you ever stopped being cheerful? No wonder your friends love hanging out with you, even if it's chucking it down.