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Power Rangers: Ninja Steel Zords

The Zords from the new series of Power Rangers are quite a strange mix of things

Beano Team
Last Updated:  February 16th 2017

Robo Red Zord

A giant robotic human - so far, so good

Dragon Zord

Looks cool. Not sure how the dragon relates to Robo Red, but it kinda works.

Kodiak Zord

Kodi is the name of the White Ranger's dog which this Zord reminded her of. Still not entirely sure what the theme is supposed to be here...

Zoom Zord

What? This is a train! How come the Blue Ranger gets an awesome dragon and the Pink Ranger gets a train?

Nitro Zord

And the Yellow Ranger gets a DUMPER TRUCK? What is this?

To be fair though, even though they seem like a totally random assortment of stuff...

....when they combine together with the Lion Fire Fortress....

....they look AWESOME!

Oh, hang on a minute...

Just kidding! It actually looks like this!