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How to Draw a Gymnast!

Here's how!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  March 9th 2021

Step 1: Draw a head

Start by drawing a lovely oval

Step 2: Draw some hair

Add some hair to the top of the head by drawing a wavy shaped fringe, a small lump for a hair band and a wild squiggle for a ponytail

Step 3: Draw some eyes

Draw a couple of slightly squashed circles under the hair and add 2 large dots in each of them for pupils

Step 4: Draw a nose

Between the eyes, draw a long U shape with a lumpy bottom

Step 5: Draw a mouth

Below that, draw 2 curved lines and add a few straight lines between them to give her a cheeky grin full of teeth

Step 6: Draw some arms

Either side of the head draw 2 tubes coming out at an angle. Add more lumps on the end for fingers and some straight lines on the wrists for sleeves.

Step 7: Draw a body

Draw a small curved line below the head and connect the arms with a big U shape

Step 8: Draw some legs

Legs are very important in gymnastics! Draw some curved lines from the bottom of the body to make legs and finish of the ends with some lumps for toes.

Step 9: Add some sparkles

Sparkles are even more important. Decorate your gymnast with stars and dots and anything you like. Feel free to go crazy - you can never have enough sparkles.

Step 10: Add a ribbon

Finally, give your gymnast a ribbon by drawing a stick in her hand and drawing 2 wavy lines coming from itNext try drawing the Genie of the Lamp!