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Quick Draw – A Heart

Valentine's day is super gross and disgusting (like EWWW!) so we drew a real heart with all the grisly 20 seconds! Here's how you can do it too

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  March 9th 2021

The video gets a bit science-y, so here's a cheat sheet...

Step 1: Draw the blood bag

Start with a big blob shape that looks a bit like a potato (the vegetable of love)

Step 2: Add some chimneys

Draw another blobby shape on top of the first blob, with 3 spouts coming out the top. Put little circles on the end of the chimneys to make them look round.

Step 3: Draw some tubes

Again from the top of the blob add some tubes by drawing a bunch of curved lines and linking up the ends with little circles

Step 4: Draw some more tubes

Repeat the last step on the other side. A balanced heart is the key to success!

Step 5: Draw some squishy back bits

Starting from behind the tubes, draw a curved line connecting to the main blob. Do this on both sides. They look a bit like backpacks made of meat.

Step 6: Everyone loves tubes!

Add a couple more tubes to the bottom of the heart #tubelife

Step 7: Draw some sick veins

Add some wavy lines in the body of the heart to make big chunky veins filled with blood and other gross gunk

Step 8: Add more veins

Fill in the gaps with some more wavy lines. Add to those wavy lines by drawing more coming out of them for that rooty-veiny-gruesome look

Step 9: Make it a blood bath

Finally, take a red colour and draw in as many drips and splats and splurges of blood around the heart and coming out of the tubes. The more you add, the grosser your heart will be! (Why not try adding some green slime too?)