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How to Draw an Astronaut

Here's how to draw an astronaut in 20 seconds

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  November 22nd 2016

Step 1: Draw a helmet

Start with a big circle with a long thin sausage stuck to it's bottom. Then add a semi-circle to either side and join them together with a big cheeky grin.

Step 2: Draw a visor

Next add two more curved lines, linking the two semi-circles at the top of the helmet in the shape of a colourless rainbow

Step 3: Draw a head

Draw in a big swooping U shape between the visor and the bottom of the helmet. Make sure it's big enough to fit a face on it!

Step 4: Draw some eyes

Add two round circles to the head to help your astronaut stare into space

Step 5: Draw some pupils

Then in those circles, draw in two black holes for pupils

Step 6: Draw some eyelashes

Add short lines along the top of the eyes to make SPACE-lashes (just like regular eyelashes - but in SPACE!)

Step 7: Draw a nose and mouth

The nose and mouth are really just the same U shape, but one is long and thin and the other in a wide and smiley 🙂

Step 8: Draw some arms

Add two slightly curved lines either side of the bottom of the helmet and then two more lines a little of the way in to make those powerful astronaut biceps!

Step 9: Draw a jet pack

It just looks like a box on her back....but it is honestly an awesome jet pack

Step 10: Draw some accessories

Add on as many control panels, buttons and tubes as you like to the suit to make it look very technical and futuristic

Step 11: Draw some patches

Finally add some patches for a bit of final decoration to the suit and your astronaut will be ready for launch!