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Are You a Witch, Wizard or a Muggle? Quiz

Have you ever wondered if you're a witch, wizard or a Muggle? Find out by taking this magical Harry Potter quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 22nd 2022

Wingardium Quiziosa!

1/10 A Hogwarts shield

Pick a Hogwarts house!

2/10 A magic trick

What's your favourite spell?

3/10 Two Slytherin student

Who's your best friend?


4/10 Choose a Patronus

5/10 a golden snitch

What position do you play in Quidditch?

6/10 Lots of fast food

What's your favourite food?

7/10 Snape in a classroom

Who's your favourite teacher at Hogwarts?

8/10 Two women with lots of shopping bags

What's your favourite shop?

9/10 A wizardry student

What's your favourite thing about Hogwarts?

10/10 Planks of wood

What's your wand made of?


You're a WIZARD!

Of course you'd be a wizard. You're Harry Potter! But if you're really Harry Potter, how much do you really know about yourself? Check out the Expert Level Harry Potter Quiz!

Result: Muggle

You're a MUGGLE!

You're a muggle but have magical powers and a keen understanding of how to use them. You're like Hermione Granger, who loves to study all sorts of spells and how to apply them in different situations! Why not try the Ultimate Hermione Granger Quiz to see how much you know about this Hogwarts know-all!

Result: Witch

You're a WITCH!

You've just like Luna Lovegood – you possess got magical powers and love learning about magic and spells at Hogwarts! Why try What Kind of Witch Are You? next?

Result: Total Muggle


Like Vernon Dursley, you want absolutely nothing to do with any of that magic and are very wary of anyone who goes to Hogwarts! Want to double check? Take the totally magic Are You a Wizard or a Muggle? Quiz.