Personality Quiz: Are You Ant or Dec?

Ever watched Ant and Dec on the Saturday Night Takeaway and wondered which one you're most like? This quiz will give you a definitive answer!

Are you Ant or Dec?

Why aye, man! Let's have a go at this quiz, then!


When you stand for a pic, do you tend to be on the left or the right when facing the photographer?


Do you have gravy on your Sunday roast?


Which shoe do you put on first? 


You're at the cinema. What kind of popcorn do you want?


Are you good at paintball?

Totally Random Question

Now that you have spent time learning at home, is there anything you would change about your school?

Tap on as many answers as you want! Then hit submit.

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Are you ready to 'rhumble'?

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Do you get the giggles when you're supposed to be serious?


What's the best kind of dog: a Labrador or a dachshund?

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What are you scared of most?


Have a biscuit!

Ant vs Dec - We finally decide who is best...

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