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Personality Quiz: Build Your Harry Potter Wand and We’ll Tell You What Kind of Wizard You Are!

Answer a series of questions to build your own Harry Potter wand and we'll reveal your wizarding level! Will you be a beginner or a total legend? Find out now!

Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
First Published:  September 12th 2018

Let's build a wand!

1/10 A pile of logs

What sort of wood will you use?

2/10 A carpenter measuring wood

How long will the wand be?

3/10 A fancy wand

What carvings will you have on your wand?

4/10 Painting a fence with blue paint

What colour will you paint your wand?

5/10 A snapped twig

How flexible will your wand be?

6/10 A magic wand handle

What sort of handle will your wand have?

7/10 Feathers

What material will be in your wand's core?

8/10 A wizard casting a spell with a magic wand

What sort of spells is your wand most suited to?

9/10 A potato dressed as a schoolboy wizard, holding a magic wand

Which Harry Potter character has the best type of wand?

10/10 Crossed wands

Give your wand a nickname!

Really good

Wizard Level: REALLY GOOD!

You use your magical powers for good and have already made a name for yourself. They should write books and make films about you or something. 

Quite unpleasant


There's always one wizard who has to use their magic powers to make someone's day rubbish!

Total legend

Wizard Level: TOTAL LEGEND!

Is there a greater wizard? We're struggling to think of any that have your skills! And it's all down to your fancy wand!


Wizard Level: BEGINNER!

Although you can do a couple of spells, you'll need to read more spell books to get become an awesome wizard! You might want to rethink some of your wand choices too, perhaps.

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