Personality Quiz: Build Your Harry Potter Wand and We'll Tell You What Kind of Wizard You Are!

Answer a series of questions to build your own Harry Potter wand and we'll reveal your wizarding level! Will you be a beginner or a total legend? Find out now!

Let's build a wand!

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What sort of wood will you use?

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How long will the wand be?

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What carvings will you have on your wand?

🤪 Totally Random Question

If you won a million pounds – tell us how you would spend MOST of it?

Answering this question won’t affect your score.

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What colour will you paint your wand?

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How flexible will your wand be?

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What sort of handle will your wand have?

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What material will be in your wand's core?

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What sort of spells is your wand most suited to?

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Which Harry Potter character has the best type of wand?

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Give your wand a nickname!

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