Quiz: Cake or Not a Cake?

The Great British Bake-Off is coming back soon to a telly near you and word on the street is they'll be making cakes that look like other things...

Like this one that could be easily confused with a watermelon!

Watermelon Cake from GBBO
Image by Channel 4

Can you tell apart these cakes from things that aren't cakes?

This doggo?

Dog or cake?
Image by imgur

This cat?

cake or cat?
Image by Instagram | my.cat.cake

This snake?

snake or cake?
Image by NorthStarCakes

These fresh Adidas kicks?

shoe or cake?
Image by Cake Desire, Gold Coast

This Stormtrooper helmet?

Stormtrooper or Stormcaker?
Image by imgur

The sorting hat?

hmm...not Slytherin? How about cake?
Image by imgur

This massive LEGO skeleton head?

LEGO skull or cake?
Image by mastersofthe3rd | Instagram

And finally, this Smörgåstårta (traditional Swedish munch)

Image by Instagram | lillaskafferiet
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