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Quiz: Could You Win The Great British Bake Off?!

Are you the ultimate Bake Off fan? Do you know your carrot cake from you caterpillar cake? Take this quiz to find out if you've got what it takes to win the Great British Bake Off!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 25th 2017

1/6 Which of the contestants did NOT make it to the final?


What are these sweet treats called?

The Great British Bake-Off | BBC

Who were the Bake Off presenters before Noel and Prue took over? 

The Great British Bake-Off | BBC

How old is Mary Berry?

The Great British Bake-Off | BBC

Which of these IS a round on GBBO!


6/6 Which of these bakes belonged to Kate in the semi-final?

The Great British Bake-Off | BBC

You win - you're the ultimate star baker!

AMAZING! You sure do know your stuff! Time to bring out your very own cook book full of delicious recipes! 

The Great British Bake Off | Channel 4

You *just* miss out on the top spot... maybe next year?

SO CLOSE! There were just 1 or 2 soggy bottoms along the way that let you down! Play again to see if you can win! 

The Great British Bake-Off | BBC

Uh oh... too many soggy bottoms. You need to get practicing!

You aren't quite ready for the Bake Off... yet! Get mixing, icing and baking and maybe next year you'll do better!

The Great British Bake-Off | BBC

Terrible! You're not cut out for the Bake Off!

Oh no! You're definitely not a star baker- in fact, you'd probably end up burning the tent down! Time to start practicing...