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QUIZ: Design Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s Wedding Cake and See If They Like It

Every royal wedding needs an amazing cake. Use your creativity to design an amazing tasty treat!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Let's get baking!

1/10 Messy whisk with gooey chocolate frosting

First things first. What sort of flavour will the cake have?

2/10 Two dogs look forward to a slice of cake

There'll be a lot of hungry guests. How many layers will there be?

3/10 Sweet homemade vanilla icing

What colour icing will the bottom layer have?

4/10 Woman in bakery decorating heart shaped cake with royal icing

And the middle?

5/10 Woman decorates homemade cake

And the top?

6/10 Unicorn cake on a cakestand

What decorations will you add?

7/10 Vintage style photograph of a traditional wedding cake

What sort of outfit will your cake people be wearing?

8/10 Two bakers icing a cake

What writing will be on the cake?

9/10 A delicious slice of rainbow cake filled with Brussels sprouts

Will there be a surprise inside the cake?

10/10 Wedding cake with sparklers

Finally, how many sparklers should poke out the sides? 

Megan and Harry love their wedding cake


Well, you've baked an amazing cake and decorated it like a work of art. This tasty treat gets a royal thumbs up! 

Megan and Harry aren't sure if they like this cake


It looks a bit weird, but it might taste nice. You try a bit first. No, seriously. Be our guest.

Megan and Harry aren't keen on this one


While Megan and Harry appreciate the thought and wild ideas that went into making your cake, the outcome might not be suitable for a royal wedding!

Megan and Harry love their birthday cake


Everyone loved your cake so much, they ordered one each to have on the bus home! We hope you've got enough ingredients!