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Trivia Quiz: How Well Do You Know FIFA 18?

Think you know FIFA? We've blurred the faces of some famous footie stars but we've left the stats the same, so can you work out who's who?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
easportsfifa | Instagram

Okay, first on the team-sheet is a keeper who plays for one of the biggest teams in the English Premiere League. Any ideas?

easportsfifa | Instagram

Defenders next and first in the squad is a Brazilian who plays in France. Does that ring any bells?


Another Brazilian defender now, but this one plays in Spain. Who do you think it could be?

easportsfifa | Instagram

Okay, next in the team is a defender who pays for a famous Italian team. Can you tell who it is from their stats?

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For the final defender in the team we've got a star who plays in Spain and is captain for both his club and country. Who do you think it could be?

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Midfielders now and you'll usually find this tough-tackling Frenchman playing in the Premiere League. But who is he?

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Okay, moving on, we have another Premier League star but this guy is more of a goal-scorer than a goal-stopper. Any ideas?

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Last of the midfielders and this Croatian player is well-known for his passing ability. But do his stats look familiar?

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Okay, now it's time to choose the strikers! First up, this player from Portugal would get into anyone's team but usually plays in Spain. Who could it be?

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Okay, next we have a striker who scores goals for fun when he wears an England shirt. Do you know who it is?

easportsfifa | Instagram

The final player in the team should be easy to work out because he's one of the world's most famous footballers! He's a striker who plays in Spain... but just who is he?

Oh no, looks like you lost this match. But don't worry, practice makes perfect...

Not bad!You didn't score so many but at least the result wasn't too terrible!

Great stuff!You just need a couple of answers to turn yourself into a world class player. Keep training and it'll happen!

Nice!With such skill, you must be a full-time FIFA expert. What a great result!