Trivia Quiz: Expelliarmus Or Expelled? How Well Do You Know Harry Potter's Spells?

Wands at the ready! We want to know how well you know your spells as only the best wizards get to Hogwarts, so take our tricky test to find out if this means you!

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You need to get your wand from Snape’s office but the door is locked. What spell should you cast?


The dinner lady at schools is serving sprouts for lunch again - ergh! What spell can you use to get rid of them?


Your big brother is making too much noise and your fave TV show is on. How can you get him to be quiet?


Dad keeps looking at your diary! What spell will make reading difficult for him?


Harry has broken his glasses, again! How can you fix them?

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You want to dye your hair like DanTDM. What spell can you use?


It’s bath-night but you’d rather be watching TV. How can you make Mum forget to turn on the taps?


Your big sister saw you eat the last of the biscuits and now she’s going to tell mum and dad! How are you going to get out of it?


It’s granny’s birthday and she loves flowers, but you forgot to buy any! What spell can you use to save the day?


School’s out and it’s time for the annual family holiday but you can’t be bothered to put your clothes in your suitcase. There must be a spell you can use?

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How are you feeling TODAY?  Which ONE emoji would you choose to describe that?

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Dad’s taken the family camping, but now it’s rainy and you still need to put up the tent. Any ideas?


You want to speak to your friends but the class gossip is eavesdropping. How can you make sure your conversation isn’t overheard?


Class has been cancelled because teacher has grown a beak, a pair of webbed-feet and he’s also quacking a lot. It sounds like magic! What spell do you think has been used?


Mum’s asked you to tidy your bedroom but you haven’t done it. What spell will stop her seeing the mess?


Dad’s made a cake but he left it too long in the oven and no it’s too chewy to eat! How can you save the day - and your dinner!


You want to go to the toilet but it’s night and all the lights are out. How can you light the way?


Moaning Myrtle has been round for tea but she’s left ectoplasm all over the place. You know how massy ghosts are! How are going to clean up?


Your best pal has accidentally turned herself into a dragon. What spell do you think they used?


The dog has eaten your homework (honestly!) so you’ve decided to turn him into a water goblet, obvs. Whats spell can help you?


It’s your special day. There’s a cake, candles but everyone’s forgotten to sing Happy Birthday. How can you get them going?

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