Quiz: What Kind of Friend Are You?

Find out what kind of friend you are with this awesome personality quiz!

QUIZ: What Kind of Friend Are You?


You and your mates want to meet up at the weekend, what are you going to do?

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If your friend was upset about something, what would you do?


Your friend just won a prize - what do you do?


Your mate has been off school for the day - what do you do?

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You meet a new person at school - how do you start a conversation with them?

Totally Random Question

Have you played games on Beano.com before?

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Your friend is feeling stressed about all their homework - what do you do?


You're on the bus and you see someone getting picked on - what do you do?


If you saw someone stood on their own - what would you do?

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Your friend tells you they're being bullied - what do you do?


You and your mates are bored - what do you do?

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