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What Kind of Friend Are You?

Find out what kind of friend you are with this awesome personality quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 8th 2022

You and your mates want to meet up at the weekend, what are you going to do?

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If your friend was upset about something, what would you do?


Your friend just won a prize - what do you do?


Your mate has been off school for the day - what do you do?

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You meet a new person at school - how do you start a conversation with them?

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Your friend is feeling stressed about all their homework - what do you do?


You're on the bus and you see someone getting picked on - what do you do?


If you saw someone stood on their own - what would you do?

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Your friend tells you they're being bullied - what do you do?


You and your mates are bored - what do you do? | Giphy

The caring friend

You're a great friend to have as you're always there for your mates when they're feeling down. You're always looking out for everyone and making sure they're all okay! Your mates consider you a really close friend and they can talk to you about anything. You're a really special friend!

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The funny friend

You're the joker of the group and are always on hand to make people laugh! If your mates are ever sad, you know just how to cheer them up! You can save awkward moments with your top humour and everyone loves having you around. 

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The wise friend

You're a great friend to have as you know just what to say and do when things get a little tricky. You're a great advice giver and people often talk to you when they have a problem. You're really smart and always have a suggestion to make things better. 

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The fun friend

People love being your friend as you are super uplifting to be around. You're always up for doing things and are great at making boring things more exciting. You love an adventure and making your friends feel happy is your favourite thing to do!