Quiz: What Kind of Friend Are You?

Find out what kind of friend you are with this awesome personality quiz!

QUIZ: What Kind of Friend Are You?


You and your mates want to meet up at the weekend, what are you going to do?

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If your friend was upset about something, what would you do?


Your friend just won a prize - what do you do?


Your mate has been off school for the day - what do you do?

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You meet a new person at school - how do you start a conversation with them?

Totally Random Question

Which of these do you have YOUR OWN account or profile for?

(Don’t include other people’s accounts that you might have access to)

Tap on as many answers as you want! Then hit submit.

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Your friend is feeling stressed about all their homework - what do you do?


You're on the bus and you see someone getting picked on - what do you do?


If you saw someone stood on their own - what would you do?

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Your friend tells you they're being bullied - what do you do?


You and your mates are bored - what do you do?

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