What Is Your Harry Potter Patronus? Quiz

Ever watched Harry Potter and wondered what animal your magical guardian would be? Take our Harry Potter Patronus quiz and find out!

The Patronus Charm is so advanced, even the best witches and wizards find it troublesome. It's so tricksy it's not even taught at Hogwarts (we reckon some of the teachers might struggle with it...).

That means even if you've aced your NEWTs your Charms tutor still might not have mentioned this one.

So, how will you find out what your Patronus is? Never fear! Even a muggle can discover their Patronus animal with our magical Patronus quiz.

Answer 10 questions and just a few moments from now you'll know the answer to that very important question: what's your Patronus?

Wands at the ready. Small circles now. Think of a happy memory, the happiest memory. One, two, three... EXPECTO PATRONUM!

What's Your Patronus?


What's your favourite class?


What's your favourite kind of animal?


What's your perfect school snack?


What kind of sport are you best at?


Do you have a favourite spell?

Totally Random Question

Would you like it if you and your family spent more time together?

Answering this question won’t affect your score.

If you could meet any pop star, who would it be?


What's your favourite type of film?


Who's your favourite Harry Potter character?


What's your attitude towards homework?


What's the worst type of pizza topping?

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