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Personality Quiz: Which Hogwarts Student Are You Most Like?

Are you similar to Harry or Hermione? Or do you think you're more like Ron or Neville? Take this quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Let's find out!

1/10 Ron next to a railway

How would you get to school?

2/10 Hermione in a library

if you were going to try and make a new friend, how would you do it?

3/10 Harry in a spooky wood

If you got lost around Hogwarts, what would you do?

4/10 Two Slytherin students

If you see someone being bullied, how would you make it stop?

5/10 Snape in a classroom

One of your teachers is a bit scary. How would you make lessons more enjoyable?

6/10 A school wizard

You've got lots of homework but feel that you can't do it all on time. What's your plan?

7/10 A selection of fast food

In the school canteen, what food do you like to eat?

8/10 Hermione in a potions class

You've volunteered to demonstrate something in class. How do you handle your nerves?

9/10 Harry and a golden snitch

You've been picked for Quidditch team but not sure how well you'll do. What do you decide?

10/10 Ron looking sad

You came second in a test and missed out by one point. How do you react?

You are: Harry Potter!

You're quick to make friends, thanks to your easy-going attitude. Plus, you're pretty good at magic, as it happens.

Hermione Granger

You are: Hermione Granger!

While your friends think you're a bit bossy, you're still kind and a good friend to have if you get difficult homework!

Ron Weasley

You are: Ron Weasley!

You love to joke and mess about and you're fun to be around – but not in lessons!

Draco Malfoy

You are: Draco Malfoy!

If you spent as much time studying as you did plotting against Harry Potter, you'd be top of the class!