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Which Superhero Would You Be a Sidekick For?

Every superhero needs a sidekick in the fight against evil. Find out who you'd team up with in this epic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  April 12th 2022

Is it a bird? Is a plane? No, it's an awesome quiz!

1/10 A name tag which reads 'Tony Cabbage'

First off, what would your name be?

2/10 A superhero stands on a park hill

What are your special powers?

3/10 A superhero runs at high speed

Any others we should know about?

4/10 A woman makes clothes on a sewing machine

What would your costume look like?

5/10 A man in vest and shorts

Do you have a catchphrase?

6/10 A very futuristic car dashboard

What kind of vehicle would you have?

7/10 A woman looks at her mobile phone

Do you have a special gadget?

8/10 A baby tucks into a bowl of food

What kind of food helps you fight evil?

9/10 A two big fists do an epic fist bump

Who is your greatest enemy?

10/10 A clapperboard used in film making

Who would play you in a superhero movie?


You're Spider-Man's sidekick!

Spidey needs someone like you. Who else can make awesome sandwiches and solve maths problems in the blink of an eye?

Wonder Woman
DC Films / Warner Brothers

You're Wonder Woman's sidekick!

You'd make a fantastic sidekick! You're kind, love football and your catchphrase 'How is everyone? Good?' makes everyone feel good.

Iron Man

You're Iron Man's sidekick!

We've always thought Iron Man could do with a piano-playing, room-tidying sidekick with a cool outfit. And it's you, isn't it?

The Hulk

You're The Hulk's sidekick!

While Hulk goes round smashing up the place, as his sidekick, we can count on you to to sort things out with a big bag of marshmallows and knowledge of every capital city in the world!