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Rak-Su – Everything You Need To Know

Here are 10 amazing facts about this year's X Factor winners!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  December 4th 2017

Who are Rak-Su?

These 4 friends from Watford are Jamaal, Ashley, Mustafa and Myles.

raksuraksu | Twitter

What does their name mean?

According to the band, the name Rak-Su comes from 'Tracks vs Suits' meaning 'Music and fun vs Adult Life'. Makes sense.

raksuraksu | Twitter

How would you describe their music?

It's a bubbling soup of different styles, including future R&B to hip hop, grime, spoken word and everything in between. Something for everyone, then!

What is the band's ambition?

Now they have the X Factor crown – not a real crown, obviously – the band say they "just to keep making more music and spread more vibes".


What was their first audition like?

The band sang a version of Justin Timberlake's Señorita, but Simon Cowell wanted to hear their own original music. They performed I'm Feeling You and got through to the next round!

raksuraksu | Twitter

What songs have Rak-Su released while they were competing?

They've have had 7 songs in the iTunes Charts including: Mamacita, Mona Lisa, I’m Feeling You, Faith, Flowers and 2 versions of Dimelo, one of which also features Wyclef Jean and Naughty Boy.


What is unusual about Rak-Su's X Factor victory?

Rak-Su are the first boy band to win the TV competition. The only other group to win The X Factor was Little Mix in 2011.


Who was the group's mentor during the X Factor competition?

Simon Cowell, who also looked after The Cutkelvins, Jack and Joel and Sean and Conor Price.

officialcharts | Twitter

Which songs did Rak-Su sing in the final?

The 4 performed Dimelo, Mamacita (with Naughty Boy & Wyclef Jean), Touché and Mona Lisa. 

raksuraksu | Twitter

What did Rak-Su think about winning The X Factor?

The day after winning the competition, the band posted a message on Twitter which said: "Last night was a dream! You guys made us feel like rock stars yesterday the energy was unreal and the response was incredible! Thank you for making last night 1 of the best nights of our lives!"

raksuraksu | Twitter