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Top 15 Interesting Roald Dahl Fun Facts for Kids

Check out our whizzpopping list of Roald Dahl Facts right here!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  February 4th 2022

We’ve spent ages compiling and squibbling down these Roald Dahl Facts just for you. If you like them why not check out our The Ultimate Murder Most Unladylike Quiz or The Ultimate David Walliams Quiz to really test your knowledge of awesome authors!

1. Roald Dahl had a Writing Shed

He called it his ‘writing hut’. It was extremely cold so Dahl sat under a blanket in an old armchair while he wrote stories like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

2. Roald Dahl Wrote Lots of Famous Books

Roald Dahl didn’t just write Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. he also banged out kids’ classics like The Twits, The BFG, The Enormous Crocodile, Fantastic Mr Fox and Matilda. But that’s not all he wrote…

3. Roald Dahl Wrote Loads of Other Stuff for Children

Like Danny Champion of the world, The Minnipins, Revolting Rhymes and Gremlins. He even wrote the film script for the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, a book written by his friend Ian Fleming (who invented James Bond). You’ll have to read further down to see how these two famous authors met.

4. Roald Dahl Wrote Adult Books Too

One story we can tell you is about a landlady who poisons then stuffs her guests. The other stories are way too rude to write about.

5. Roald Dahl Invented Loads and Loads of Delumptious New Words

From made-up foods like snozzcumbers and snozzberries, to random words like hopscotchy and squibbling, Roald Dahl love dto make up new words. It’s really good fun! Why don’t you try to make up some new Brainstumblers yourself?

6. Roald Dahl REALLY Didn’t Like Beards

The author really wasn’t keen on beards. He outlined why in an essay, in which he stated, ”the whole business is disgusting. [A man] should not even be thinking about his face. He should accept it as it is and should peer into the mirror only once a day, when shaving.” What about Santa and Vikings, though?

7. Roald Dahl Was a Fighter Pilot in World War II 

He flew a Gloster Gladiator biplane. In 1940, Dahl crash landed in the Libyan Desert after being crodsquinkled by some dodgy directions. Luckily for fans of awesome children’s books, he survived!

8. Roald Dahl Didn’t Write All the Time

Apparently, Roald Dahl wrote for two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. That’s less time than you spend at school! Another great reason to be a Children’s writer.

9. Roald Dahl Didn’t Use a Laptop 

Mainly because they weren’t invented. He also didn’t use a typewriter. He just never learnt. he was happy squibbling away with his HB pencils and a writing pad. Someone must’ve had to type it up eventually, though. Imagine being the first person to see a Roald Dahl story!

10. Roald Dahl was Buried With Some of his Prized Possessions

Some websites report these include chocolate, snooker cues, pencils and a tea spoon. We wonder what chocolate bar he was buried with? A Wonka Fudge-mallow delight perhaps?

11. But Some of his Prize Possessions were Left in his Shed

Some of them - how shall we say it - a little more grisly than others… One of the more macabre items was a piece of his own hip bone he had removed during surgery. 

12. Sophie from the BFG was a Real Person

According to experts the Grandmother in The Witches was based on Dahl’s own Grandmother. The girl in The BFG was named after his granddaughter, Sophie who is now a Children’s author herself, and has recently released a book called Madame Badobedah illustrated by the awesomely talented Lauren O’Hara! Why don’t you write a book for someone you care about?

13. The Giant Peach was Originally Going to be a Giant Cherry

Before Roald Dahl started writing James and Giant Peach he considered using a giant cherry instead. He decided against it because he felt that peaches were squelchier and more fun!

14. Roald Dahl was a BFG

Well, he might not have been quite as tall as the BFG, and his ears weren’t quite as big but Roald Dahl was unusually tall, measuring in at six feet and six inches!

15. Roald Dahl was a Spy

During World War 2, Roald Dahl worked as a spy. This is when he met author Ian Fleming the creator of James Bond (who also did a bit of spying). We wonder which current Children’s Authors work as spies nowadays? We’ll leave you with the chilling thought that maybe David Walliams is a double agent working for a scheming foreign superpower?

*He isn’t really!