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Ultimate Roblox: Colour Block Race Quiz!

How good are you at Roblox Colour Block Race? It's time to find out with this ultimate trivia quiz! Have a go and see how well you know the game!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  April 6th 2023

How much do you know about this cool racing version of Roblox Colour Block? It's time to find out with this epic colourful trivia quiz! And we've got tonnes more Roblox quizzes here, so check them out! How about this Pet Simulator quiz? Or maybe you fancy this awesome Mansion City Tycoon quiz? You might even want to do this Roblox Horse Valley quiz! And there's even MORE gaming quizzes right here!

1/10 Colour Block Race
Colour Block Race | Roblox

What platform can you play Colour Block Race?

2/10 Derpy goat in a bakery

What happens in the game?

3/10 Colour Block Race
Colour Block Race | Roblox

What's at the end of the race?

4/10 Question mark on rainbow balloon background

What happens if you don't stand on the colour shown?

5/10 Guy gaming and splats

Who is 11aganfy?

6/10 Derpy panda in a hot air balloon

How do you race?

7/10 Colour Block Race
Colour Block Race | Roblox

What's the name of the original game this is a spin off of?

8/10 Beano cheetah on rainbow brick background

What shape are the colours in the game?

9/10 Woman singing on colourful star background

Which of these is another version of the game?

10/10 Gamers gaming with Beano brain

When was the original Colour Block created?

Lowest result

Nooooo! You didn't quite make it to the finish line this time! Never mind, have another go and see if you can score higher!

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Not bad, but we know you know more than this about Roblox: Colour Block Race! Try again and see how you do!

Well done result

Nice job! You clearly love this awesome Roblox game! But can you get 100% next time? Why not find out?

Wow result

Incredible! You're truly a Roblox: Colour Block Race champion! Congratulations, you earned the trophy!