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Roblox: Mansion City Tycoon Quiz For Mansion Masters

It's time to test your Mansion City Tycoon trivia! How much do you know about this awesome Roblox game and it's features? And can you get full marks?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 14th 2023

Let's find out how much of a Mansion City Tycoon Master you are with this Roblox quiz! And if you can't get enough Roblox, we've got even more quizzes here! Why not check out this Pet Simulator quiz? Or how about this quiz that tells you which Roblox YouTuber you are? And we've even got a quiz about Adopt Me! And loads more gaming quizzes right here!

1/10 Roblox mansion
Roblox | Roblox Corp.

What can you do in the game?

2/10 Badges and a question mark

How many different badges can you get?

3/10 A fancy mansion with Beano dolphin and derpy panda

Who made the game?

4/10 Roblox mansion
Roblox | Roblox Corp.

Which Roblox series is the game a part of?

5/10 Tropical island with animals and rubber duck

Which of these is something secret you can uncover in the game?

6/10 A beach house with a cool crab and pineapple

Which of these is a type of house you can get in the game?

7/10 Cool cars with arrows

True or false: you can buy cars in the game?

8/10 Roblox Mansion
Roblox | Roblox Corp.

When was it created?

9/10 A mansion surrounded by spooky Beano ghosts

What happens if you find a ghost in your mansion?

10/10 A Beano ranga swinging through the city with yellow splats

What else can you do in the game?

Uh oh result

Uh oh, looks like you need to go back to Roblox and find out more about Mansion City Tycoon! Never mind, have another go and see if you score any higher!

Try again result

You've built a couple of Roblox mansions, but you need to do better than that to become a mansion master! Try again!

Good job result

Nice work! You're obviously a big Mansion City Tycoon fan! But can you get full marks next time? Let's see!

Highest result

Yay! You're officially a Mansion Master, because you got 10/10! Congrats! Go and play some Roblox to celebrate!