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Boom! Epic Rocket League Goal Explosion Quiz!

How well do you know the Goal Explosions from Rocket League? Play our quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 19th 2022

Boom! You’ve scored another AWESOME goal in an EPIC Rocket League match, so get ready for our explosive Rocket League Goal Explosion Quiz. It’s loud, colourful and highly volatile, so take cover and step up to question 1.

Rocket League | Psyonix

What’s the name of this SAVAGE Rocket League Goal Explosion?

Rocket League | Psyonix

This explosion is named after a massive and extremely remote celestial object. What’s it called?

3/10 Fish finger sandwich

Which explosion is a bit of a fish out of water?

Rocket League | Psyonix

What’s this sassy goal explosion?

Rocket League | Psyonix

What’s the name of this mindbending 3D goal explosion?

Rocket League | Psyonix

This explosion is baseball crazy! What’s it called?


Which movie is referenced in the Goal Explosion “Stay Puft”?

Rocket League | Psyonix

What is this weirdly hypnotic explosion called?


What’s the explosion with the tree called?


What features (mostly) in the Party Time Goal Explosion?

Rocket League | Psyonix

Pfft! We don’t think you’ve ever seen a Rocket League Goal Explosion!

Rocket League | Psyonix

Not Bad! Try playing Rocket League LOADS MORE to get some more Rocket League Goal Explosions!

Rocket League | Psyonix

Great work! You’ve obviously scored a heck of a lot of Rocket League Goals to know so many explosions… Try again to get the top score!

Rocket League | Psyonix

BOOM! Top Score. What else is there to say… What an EXPLOSIVE performance! EPIC WORK!