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Play Our Rocket League Haunted Hallows Quiz!

Can you tell your pumpkins from your turnips? Take this Haunted Hallows Rocket League quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  March 19th 2022

The Haunted Hallows event for Rocket League is one of the spookiest things in the world of competitive car-ball gaming. Are you the spookiest player out there? Is it time for your opponents to run and hide under their duvets? This quiz will check how well you know this truly terrifying special event!


What holiday does the Haunted Hallows event celebrate?

2/10 A golden treasure chest

What rewards do you collect at the end of each round?

3/10 A car surrounded by a bat and an armadillo

In 2021, which superhero joined Rocket League for Haunted Hallows?

4/10 A car with bat wings

What themed cars can you get during Haunted Hallows?

5/10 A pumpkin car and candy corn

Which of these do you do at Halloween?

6/10 A green car driven by a baguette

What shoots out of the Joker's car, so that it can punch opponent's vehicles?

7/10 A happy pumpkin

What colour are reward Pumpkins?

8/10 A spoon and an aubergine

What do you carve at Halloween?

9/10 A car and a piece of candy corn

When was the first Haunted Hallows event?

10/10 A car, a giraffe and a cricket bat

In the 2021 Haunted Hallows event, what was the goal explosion?

Result: Not quite

You put the Oh-No into Oh-No-bergine! Looks like you might need to go back to spooky school!

Result: Not bad

Oooof! Not bad, but I know you can do better! Try having another go and see if you can improve your score!

Result: Well done

Well done! You're gonna make it big in the spooky championships of Rocket League! Beware, we've got a real ghoulish goal scorer!

Result: Oh yeah

Oh yeah! With wheels, I mean brains, like that you're gonna go far, all the way to the top! That was a perfect score, now rev those engines and get back out there!