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The Ultimate Ruby Lightfoot Quiz

Think you know Ruby Lightfoot? Really? Test your Tik Tok trivia skills with this epic influencer quiz!

1/12 Ruby on a horse
@rubylightfoot | instagram

Which one of these hobbies is Ruby most into?

2/12 Ruby on a horse
@rubylightfoot | instagram

Where is Ruby from?


3/12 If you guessed the USA – you're correct! She's from Los Angeles. Now – where's that?

4/12 Lizzo getting off an aeroplane
@lizzobeeating | instagram

Ruby starred in a music video with which big pop star?

5/12 Ruby looking at the camera
@rubylightfoot | instagram

Does she have any brothers or sisters?

6/12 A llama laughs at the Tik Tok logo

Ruby has more followers on Tik Tok than on Youtube. True or false?

7/12 Ruby and a chicken
@rubylightfoot | instagram

How old was she when she started her career?

8/12 A gif of magazine covers
@disneypixar | giphy

Which famous magazine has she been on the front cover of?

9/12 An Elvis impersonator

Ruby starred in something called Elvis Lives! But what was it?

10/12 Ruby and her boyfriend
@rubylightfoot | instagram

Ruby's boyfriend Julien appears in her Tik Tok videos sometimes. True or false?

11/12 Ruby Lightfoot, Piper Rockelle and their friends
@rubylightfoot | instagram

Ruby has less followers than Piper Rockelle. True or false?

12/12 A horse smiles at the camera

Complete the sentence: Like her horses, Ruby is…

@rubylightfoot | instagram

Oh dear! Not a big fan, then? Never mind! Plenty more quizzes where this one came from!

@rubylightfoot | instagram

Pretty good! You can do better though – try a different quiz?

@rubylightfoot | instagram

Good work! You can tell you know plenty about Ruby! Can you beat this score on a different quiz?

@rubylightfoot | instagram

Wahoo! You know loooooads about Ruby! Amazing work!

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