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The Ultimate Sanrio Trivia Quiz!

If you love cute cartoon characters, you're in for a treat! Test your knowledge of the cutest company in the world with this trivia quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  April 24th 2024

Sanrio are responsible for some of the cutest cartoon characters in the whole world - and if you're a fan, you'll already know them all! See how well you know Sanrio with our ultimate quiz - you might be surprised at how much you know! Try some of our other cute character quizzes while you're here, too - see how well you know Gudetama, or Roblox Hello Kitty Cafe!


What country is Sanrio based in?


In what year was Sanrio founded?


Which character appeared on Sanrio products before they made their own characters?


Who was the very first Sanrio character?


How many theme parks does Sanrio have?


In what year was Hello Kitty introduced?


What is Gudetama?


True or false: there are no boy characters in Sanrio's lineup?


What kind of animal is Kuromi?


What does Aggretsuko love to sing at karaoke?

Hello Kitty | Yuko Shimizu | Sanrio

Oh no - looks like you need to get re-acquainted with Sanrio! Hey, don't worry about it - you can always come back and have another go!

Hello Kitty | Yuko Shimizu | Sanrio

Not bad - you know a thing or two about Sanrio! We bet you can do better though - why not try again and see?

Hello Kitty | Yuko Shimizu | Sanrio

Very good - you know your Sanrio! Well done! But can you get a perfect score? It'd be great if you could come back and have another go!

Hello Kitty | Yuko Shimizu | Sanrio

Wow, PERFECT! You know everything about Sanrio, and then some! Well done!