Secrets From Katy Perry's Chained To The Rhythm Video!

Katy Perry's got a new video set in a theme park. It's lots of fun, but can you spot all the hidden secrets?

Like the guy who's finding the rollercoaster a bit much?

Rollercoasters are scary at the best of times. But as you're hurtling down the track at 100 miles per hour, you shouldn't have to worry about someone being sick all over you!

Image by YouTube

Or the smiley face balloons?

Fun fairs are amazing places. We'd live in one if we could. You've got fairground rides, ice cream stalls and cute balloons floating around the place

Look at their faces – they look so happy!

Image by YouTube

Or Katy's missing tooth?

We don't know how we haven't spotted Katy Perry's missing tooth 

We wonder how she lost it – our best guess is a particularly hard toffee apple

Image by YouTube

If you look closely, there's a spider in the shot!

Cinemas are the perfect place to relax and enjoy a film. We don't mind people crunching on popcorn – it's all part of the experience – but what we do mind, however, is massive spiders crawling all over your head!

How did they get into the cinema?

Image by YouTube

And at least 2 of the dancers have tails!

Dancing is hard enough at the best of times. You've got to keep rhythm and not fall over your own feet.

Those dancers with tails must find it twice as hard. We'd definitely trip over them! 

Image by YouTube

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