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Shrek 2 Quiz For Serious Swamp Lovers!

Shrek is one of the greatest film series in the entire world - but how well do you know number 2?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 5th 2024

From Shrek’s swamp all the way across the windmills and hills of Far Far Away Shrek’s story is one that you can’t help but follow! But if you think you know your Donkey from your Dragon then this is the quiz for you! Let’s see how well you can do!

1/10 A chicken next to a swamp

Where does Shrek live?

2/10 A person thinking about the answer, against a green background

What is Fiona’s mum’s name?

3/10 A teddy bear with a background of hot sauce!

What does Fiona find when she visits her family?

4/10 Shrek against a green slime background
Dreamworks Pictures | Aron Warner | Andrew Adamson

Who did the Fairy Godmother want Fiona to marry?

5/10 A bulldog in a wig

What does donkey turn into?

6/10 A person holding a cake wearing a wig

What massive cake helps save the day?

7/10 A dog asleep in a hammock

Who ISN’T in Shrek 2?

8/10 A pug in glasses shrugging against a science lab background

What weapon does Puss in Boots have?

9/10 A cabbage against a pink spotty background

What shape is Shrek and Fiona’s carriage?

10/10 A man thinking about the answer against a tie-dye background

Where do Shrek and Donkey spend the rainy night?

Result: Alright
Dreamworks Pictures | Aron Warner | Andrew Adamson

Oh my swamp! Alright, so maybe you didn't hit the ogre jackpot this time, but hey, nobody becomes the Donkey whisperer in a day, right? Or do they? How about giving it another go? Jump back on your mighty steed, get to know the characters a bit more, and trust us, you'll do better next time around!

Result: Not bad
Dreamworks Pictures | Aron Warner | Andrew Adamson

Nice work! We’re really getting somewhere now! You're really stepping out into You’ve made it pretty smoothly out of the swamp of not knowing things and you’re into the fairy tale forest of quiz glory now so good on you! But even though you're doing great, there's always room for improvement. Take a break, stretch those ogre muscles, and don't forget to think before you bellow!

Result: Great score
Dreamworks Pictures | Aron Warner | Andrew Adamson

Incredible! Now we're cooking with onions! You've got a solid handle on Shrek and his merry band of legends! You’re clearly a swamp enthusiast, but can you push it even further? Your brain's been working hard, so why not see what's a little further down the enchanted road and aim for 100%? You never know what might happen!

Result: Full marks
Dreamworks Pictures | Aron Warner | Andrew Adamson

Boom! You've smashed it! You're the true ogre master! Every other fairy tale character out there wishes they had your skills! You're living the dream! There is literally nothing worth knowing about Shrek's world that you can’t just pluck from your mind - awesome! But now that you've conquered this quiz, what's next? How about exploring some of the other quizzes we've got on the site?